About Us


 About us What is ERPS?

  • a european association of recorder players, instrument makers, traders, publishers and supporting members.
  • cross-country focal point of varied recorder activities
  • an interactive network of players
  • a non-profit organisation


What is the purpose of ERPS?

  • To support and supply a europ-wide cooperation of recorder players of different levels and areas of work to
  • be a forum for discussions on themes around recorders: playing techniques, questions around performance, historic research, concepts for concerts,etc.
  • encourage generational exchange


What can ERPS offer ?

  • Internet presentation of all members
  • Upcoming events: publication of concerts, workshops and other events of members
  • Publication of CDs, publications, editions
  • Market place; Bying/Selling, Exchange, contacts....
  • The international recorder Biennales are a mixture of concerts and workshops and a meeting point for recorder lovers, professional players, exhibitors and music lovers from all over Europe.
  • Newsletter: an opportunity for news, announcements, professional exchange
  • Instruments on loan


Who can become a member ?

  • Recorder players in different work areas and playing levels
  • Recorder makers
  • Publishers/editors of recorder literature and music
  • Supporting members


How can you become a member?

register on the homepage of ERPS: www.erps.infoor during the Biennale


membership fees ( annual)

  • 20 Euro ( Students 10 Euro),
  • active members 100 Euro instrument makers, editors, traders, etc.
  • 50 Euro supporting members